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Rodent Management

Rodents are dangerous pests at home. Infamous for carrying deadly diseases and contaminating food in the kitchen.

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs can crawl relatively fast,female bed bugs can lay from 50 to 300 eggs in their entire life span.

Flower Beetle Management

The name “flower beetle” is used to describe many different insects. The true flower beetles live outdoors in the garden and flowerbed.

Fly and Mosquito Management

Preventive measures on sanitation and hygiene practices shall be recommended to prevent attraction / breeding of flies within the premises

Cockroach Control

Pest Control Gel treatment is best for household crawling pest cockroaches, ants, spiders, silver fish etc.

Bee Hive Removal

The bee pollinates fruit trees, flowers, and plants to make honey to feed the colony.



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For Corporate

From airports to offices, hotels to hospitals and factories to ships, there are more than 1000 establishments that have benefited from our services.


For Residencial

It is responsibility of the Association members to keep the building and surrounding clean and pest free, we have been serving many Apartments and Society's in Bangalore.


For Commercial

Businesses in Food Industry has to make sure hygiene is their number 1 priority, pest at your Hotel / Restaurant can cause you serious damage to you and your customers.


For Garden

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