Residential Pest Control

Apartment / Society

It is responsibility of the Association members to keep the building and surrounding clean and pest free, we have been serving many Apartments and Society's in Bangalore. We have custom plans and annual maintenance plans at competitive prices.

A clean environment is very important for our health, poor surrounding can be a reason for several diseases. We at I Marc understand the importance of clean environment and help our customers to be safe.

Household pests are a threat to your property as well as your health. Pests like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders and lizards cause diseases, discomfort and social embarrassment. You need a professional pest control mechanism to get rid of them. I Marc Pest control offers the most effective method to get rid of pests.

Treatment is designed to be completely safe and cause minimum discomfort for all members of the house including babies and senior citizens.

Commercial Pest Control

From airports to offices, hotels to hospitals and factories to ships, there are more than 1000 establishments that have benefited from our services. For a decade now, we have ensured to provide "our commercial customers" with the most advanced pest control solutions.

We owe our supreme efficiency to three key strengths :

TECHNOLOGY : We use third generation, latest insecticides and technologies for pest control. The pests have not become immune to these insecticides.

TRAINING : Our workers are educated, trained and quality conscious. They are trained through audio visual medium, formal classroom sessions and practical on-site training.

TIME : At I Marc, we value your time, so your calls are not attended by a Call Center executive but by a trained customer service professional. We have staff available 24 hours as per your requirement.

Corporate Pest Control

Hotels / Restaurants : Businesses in Food Industry has to make sure hygiene is their number 1 priority, pest at your Hotel / Restaurant can cause you serious damage to you and your customers. At I Marc, we understand the importance of Hygiene at Food Industry and have been helping several of our clients to achieve the best quality.

Corporate : A clean workspace is very important for your employee’s health, pest at your office can cause serious damage to your furniture, equipment’s and cause serious health problems.

Hospital : Hospital is expected to be highly clean and hygiene and pests can do serious damage to your reputation. We understand your responsibility to keep your premises clean and we have been helping our clients to pass that to us and do what they do best - taking care of patients.

Malls : Busy atmosphere can put in your back seat when it to comes to pest management, we have solution for all your pest needs.

Gardening Pest Control

One bug does not make an issue! In nature, there are constantly some garden bugs biting on plants, that’s just the way it is. The rundown of potential issues is apparently perpetual. However, not all bug harm is sufficiently noteworthy to warrant activity. Indeed, even the most beneficial greenery enclosures experience bugs at some time, yet despite everything they create an excellent reap. Luckily, you can battle back against these predators without taking a chance with your wellbeing or spending a fortune. Much of the time, just by changing the way you plant, you can take off issues before they emerge.

As a most experienced bug control organization, we know how to best treat-and keep-each kind of bug control issue. From ants to bugs to rodents, we'll give you a customized bug administration for keeping your environment healthy.

We offer a full fulfillment certification and guarantee on all of our services. Our master specialists utilize the most intensive and demonstrated strategies. We will give you the most secure, best vermin control accessible, just at some cost you can manage.

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